We deeply miss you “Prof. Sabuj Sahoo”

We will deeply miss you: "Prof. Sabuj Sahoo"

With profound grief we sadly announce the untimely demise of our beloved Organizing Committee Member, Founding Advisor and our backbone Dr. Sabuj Sahoo of Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. He lost the battle to COVID-19 on September 21, 2020 morning. May the departed soul rest in peace.

We were associated with him since 2018, when we planned to start Evation Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He was our advisor and guide. Untimely demise of Dr. Sahoo is a great loss for the team Evation. He stood with us in all ups and downs, and  it is very hard to believe that Dr. Sahoo is no more with us. He served as our Organizing committee member for both Agriteck-2018, Puri, Odisha and Agri Vision-2020, Bhubaneswar India. He was also associated with us for the upcoming Agri Vision-2021 at ICAR-NRRI, Cuttack, India.

Dr. Sabuj Sahoo served the Department of Biotechnology, Utkal University. His most recent investigation was oriented towards Molecular expression of and Bioprocess Development of therapeutic protiens and Phytocompound loaded nano particulated system against Diabetes. The labs present publication is ‘Current advances in nanocarriers for biomedical research and their applications, Theranostic Application of Nanoparticulated System: Present and Future Prospects’.

See more for his presentation at Agri Vision-2020: Chitin deacetylase for improved production of chitosan with bio adsorption efficiency for agricultural sustainability.


Agri Vision 2021
Agri Vision 2021
Dr. Sabuj Saho-COVID-19