The Emergence of Biostimulants

The Emergence of Biostimulants

There can be no doubt that the biostimulants sector has seen an increase in both industry popularity and market value in recent years.

With figures provided by DunhamTrimmer, the biostimulant market was valued at over $2 billion, with over $500 million of that value attributed to the European Market. The Asia/Pacific region ranked second with a respectable figure of $463 million, whilst Latin America sat at $412 million, US/Canada at $370 million, the Middle East/North Africa at $192 million and the rest of the world at $109 million

Despite experiencing increasing interest, the biostimulant sector still faces a number of challenges, including the lack of a universally recognised definition, as well as uncertainty around how they work.

In timely fashion, Burleigh Dodds Science have published the first comprehensive review of the key advances in biostimulant research.

Biostimulants for sustainable crop production covers the major groups of biostimulants, from humic substances and seaweed extracts to protein hydrolysates and plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR), as well as the practical application of biostimulants in areas such as enhancing nutrient use efficiency (NUE).

Professor Dimitrios Savvas, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece says about the new title:

“It is good news that a distinguished editor team led by Professor Youssef Rouphael is putting together Biostimulants for sustainable crop production. The interest in biostimulants is constantly increasing, making a book on this topic, written by a team of internationally-renowned scientists, timely and very welcome.”

Biostimulants for sustainable crop production is edited by Youssef Rouphael; Patrick du Jardin; Patrick Brown; Stefania De Pascale and Giuseppe Colla, with contributions from over 40 leading experts.

Youssef Rouphael is an Associate Professor at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy.

Patrick du Jardin is Professor of Plant Biology at Gembloux Agro-Biotech, University of Liège, Belgium and Director of the Botanic Garden of this institution.

Patrick Brown is Professor of Plant Nutrition at the University of California-Davis, USA.

Stefania De Pascale is Professor of Horticulture at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy.

Giuseppe Colla is Professor of Vegetable Production, Floriculture and Greenhouse Crop Management at the University of Tuscia, Italy.

Note for editors

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