Dr. Tapas Kumar Das

Professor & Principal Scientist (Weed Science & Conservation Agriculture)
Division of Agronomy, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute,
New Delhi, India


Dr. T. K. DAS is Professor & Principal Scientist, Division of Agronomy, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, formerly Associate Professor, Alemaya University, Ethiopia (2001-2005); Scientist-Trainee, EICA, Egypt (2009); and Visiting Scientist, Iran (2012).

Dr. Das has pursued novel pioneering research on weed management and conservation agriculture for last 30 years in 18 inter-disciplinary institutional/ inter-institutional and 14 externally-funded research projects as PI, CCPI, CCCo-PI, Co-PI or CI. His extensive research came out as nearly 30 promising weed management- and conservation agriculture-inclusive technologies, concepts and products.

Dr. Das to his credit has 348 publications including 80 international & 96 national research papers; 9 books/ manuals; 70 book chapters; 10 reviews; 25 reports; 11 scientific news; 18 extension pamphlets/folders; 2 bulletins; 1 e-publication; 26 popular articles.

He taught UG/PG students of three countries, India, Ethiopia and Afghanistan; he has guided 57 students: 23 PG (Ph.D. & M.Sc.) students as Chairman; 8 PG students as Co-chairman and 26 PG students as Minor Member/Member. Among the students guided, 39 are Indian and 18 are foreign nationals from Ethiopia (6), Rwanda (1), Iran (3), Nigeria (2), Sudan (1), Nepal (1), Afghanistan (3) and Guyana (1).

Dr. Das wrote a Text-cum-Reference Book on Weed Science, which has been of immense use to UG/ PG students and weed scientists/agronomists. It is appreciated by the students in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Bangladesh (Asia); Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, Rwanda (Africa) and USA.


NAAS Fellow; IARI Hooker Award; IARI Best Teacher Award; ISA Gold Medal; ISWS Gold Medal; ISA Fellow; ISWS Fellow; SPPS Fellow; Outstanding Reviewer, ELSEVIER-Crop Protection, The Netherlands; PP Singhal Memorial Award, SPPS; Outstanding Scientist Award, SBSM, Kolkata; Letter of Appreciation, The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; Meritorious Scientist Award, SPPS; AAAS Award, Indian Society for Plant Physiology;  Best Book of Weed Science Award, ISWS, Hisar; Young Scientist Bursary (1997); Member, Review Committee, TIFAC, DST, GOI; Best Poster Award (4); Best Article Award (2); Honorary Membership of ABI, USA; Editor of five NAAS-rated Journals; Reviewer of 15 international and 19 national journals; Selection Committee Member for Assistant Professor/Senior Scientist of ICAR/ CSIR/SAUs.

Crop production agronomy, weed management and conservation agriculture