Dr. Sauren Das

Associate Scientist
Agricultural and Ecological Research Unit
Indian Statistical Institute
Kolkata, India


Dr. Sauren Das presently working as Senior Scientist, affiliated to Agricultural and Ecological Research Unit, Indian Statistical Institute. After Master’s in Botany from Kalyani University, he initiated research work at Bose Institute, Kolkata and progressing at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata and Ph. D. award from Calcutta University. During Ph. D. work, micromorphology of salt tolerance strategies, being the essence of my work, points to the survival strategy of dominant taxa of the Sundarbans mangrove forest. Special emphasis was given on these species in view of their in-situ and/or ex-situ conservation. Thereafter, several intra and extra-mural funding projects were undertaken on:

  • Ecophysiological behavior and metabolic shifts in highly saline regimes of the Sundarbans vegetation.
  • Biochemical characterization and ROS scavenging ability of the different species were evaluated towards the assessment of differential adaptability of the plants in high saline system.
  • Prior to improvise any proper conservation strategies, it is important to judge the range DNA polymorphism (intraspecific and intragenic diversity) in a population. Some economically important mangroves, which are drastically declining from the Indian part of the Sundarbans, are being emphasized for polymorphism study using different genetic markers assisted technique.
  • Presently stress biology of plant system and its changed metabolic shift to cope with the abiotic stress that imposed by climatic change is most focused research arena. Tea, apart from its commercial value, undoubtedly, is a good source for dietary antioxidants. Investigation will be made in the context of retention of the antioxidant ability of the different processed teas to evaluate their Self-Life. Molecular marker assisted breading technology in Darjeeling tea is now my prime domain of work.

Two Ph. D students have been awarded under my care. I published more than fifty research papers and five book chapters in various reputed research Journals. I am coupled with editorial assignments from different International Journals.