Dr. Manish Roorkiwal

Senior Scientist-Genomics and Molecular Breeding
RP-Genetic Gains, ICRISAT,
Hyderabad, India


Dr Manish Roorkiwal is Senior Scientist (Genomics and Molecular Breeding) at International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) based in Hyderabad, India. With a basic background in molecular genetics and applied genomics, Manish has over 15 years of research experience. At the core of his work is the improvement of crop productivity of legumes in marginal environments using modern genetics and breeding approaches, including genomic selection and GWAS. Manish has strong interest in the area of modern breeding approaches such as genomic selection and next generation sequencing-based re-sequencing and low-cost genotyping for enhancing the use of markers in routine breeding. He is known for leading the efforts in developing cost-effective genotyping platform enabling use of markers in routine breeding program.

Area of Specialization

Next Generation Sequencing, Modern Breeding Approaches, Breeding Modernization, Applied Genomics, Decision Support Tools, Whole genome re-sequencing, Epigenomics.